What Are Testosterone Boosters – Which Ones Are Best and Where To Get Them for Sale.

What Are Testosterone BoostersTestosterone boosters are not new in the market. They mainly involve herbal products, ones claimed to have the ability to boost testosterone production and in the process enhance a man’s libido and physical agility. While a good number of body builders abuse these substances in the aim of increasing their physical efficiency in the gym, testosterone boosters are meant to treat a condition known as Hypogonadism. This occurs when natural production of testosterone goes excessively low.

There is much you need to learn about testosterone enhancers before deciding to go for particular ones. This is especially when it comes to over the counter (OTC) testosterone boosters. For additional information, you can run a search on the internet on ‘what is testosterone’.

Which is the best testosterone booster?

There is no single best testosterone booster. Best results will depend on a combination of factors which are discussed throughout this article. All the same, here is a list of 6 most notable boosters in the market today according to reviews:

  • Nutritional inclusions – Here, several nutritional inclusions are included. They are; magnesium, zinc, iron and vitamin D. all of them play significant roles in testosterone levels. If not available in foods, they can be taken in diet shakes.
  • best testosterone boosterD-Aspartic acid – A lot of research has been dedicated towards finding out how this natural product works. Build-up of muscles and increased strength have been reported in men using this amino acid.
  • DHEA – In its natural forms, DHEA production occurs in the body. If this fails to happen, herbal supplements can be used to stimulate its production. The hormone is responsible for a number of sexually related developments that occur in the body.
  • Tribulus terrestris – This is a popular herbal remedy. Reviews constantly record several of its abilities to boost low testosterone. This remedy is best used when dealing with erectile dysfunctions rather than in boosting physical agility.
  • Ginger – This common home remedy is associated with boosted testosterone production. It is advisable that you take ginger supplements under professional directions.
  • Fenugreek – Yet another very popular herbal remedy; fenugreek is known to inhibit some enzymes that turn testosterone to estrogen.

Better results when using any of these supplements will be achieved once a testosterone test has been undertaken. For instance, a remedy may be efficient in enhancing libido but less efficient in muscle gain or bone development.

Is over the counter (otc) testosterone for sale available

Over the counter (otc) testosterone for sale is readily available. All the same, there are various things you should know:

  • Testosterone is classified under regulated substances. This means that it is not legal to access them without a prescription from a medical officer.
  • over the counter testosteroneMany of the readily available over the counter (otc) testosterone pills are not effective. As a matter of fact, they may end up bringing about many undesired side effects. Care should be taken before making use of them.
  • It is important to learn all the other ingredients that have been included in a certain testosterone boosting supplement. You find that some manufacturers label a supplement as herbal but still go ahead to include some regulated substances in the same.
  • There exists a significant deficiency in the amount of scientific backings for over the counter testosterone boosters for men. This means that you will largely be taking any of the supplements at your own risk and almost without a complete picture of the expected side effects.

Symptoms of high and low testosterone levels

Symptoms of high and low testosterone levelsBoth low and high levels of testosterone in the body are associated with a list of undesirable effects. Below are the symptoms of high testosterone and low testosterone levels:


  • Enlarged breasts in men – This is common for older men, who probably are taking testosterone supplements to delay or reverse the effects of advanced age.
  • Excessive production of red blood cells – It is for this reason that some athletes make use of testosterone supplements, since red blood cells are responsible for body cells aeration and hence enhanced metabolic rates.
  • Acnes – They sometimes are accompanied by an excessively oily skin.
  • Apnea; a condition that makes it hard to breathe when sleeping.
  • Small testicles.
  • Low sperm count production.


  • Muscle degradation.
  • Weak bones.
  • Low libido, may include erectile dysfunction.
  • Loss of hair or inability to develop pubic hair.
  • Insufficient sperm production.
  • General body fatigue that hardly goes away.

Sometimes, these symptoms may accompany each other or appear in isolation. The best way to know if they actually are symptoms of testosterone production malfunctions is to visit a doctor and undergo a testosterone test.

Foods that help in testosterone production

There are very may foods that have been advertised as top testosterone boosting foods. It is not that any of the foods contain natural testosterone in them. The foods basically work by enhancing the natural production of testosterone in the body.

Ginger for instance is very effective in inhibiting the production of an enzyme that stimulates the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Strawberries and citrus fruits on the other hand are rich sources of vitamin C. This vitamin is associated with antioxidant properties that help in testosterone production.

testosterone productionThere are claims that coconut contains healthy fats that aid in the production of testosterone. This is as well as providing the energy needed for physical workouts while at the same time reducing the risk of excess body weight gain. This also goes for most nuts. For instance, macadamia and Brazil nuts have been said to have testosterone boosting capabilities. Potatoes have also been associated with significant improvement in the production of testosterone. In addition, they also are good sources of healthy fats.

Pumpkin seeds are a well-known source of zinc. Zinc is a very important ingredient in the production and assimilation of testosterone.

In the category of foods that aid in testosterone production, olive oil deserves a mention. In some studies, it has been said that this remedy can increase testosterone production with up to 18%. Olive oil is also full of antioxidants.

The many lists of foods that can help increase your testosterone production might end up confusing you in the long run. The most important thing is to ensure that you keep health and keep your weight gain in check. Capitalize on any chance of eating a lot of fruits, balancing your diets and drinking lots of water. In the end of the day, imbalances in testosterone production arise from unhealthy lifestyles.

What is the cost of testosterone boosters at Walmart?

In leading retailers like WalMart, top testosterone boosters differ in terms of the cost they come in. the cost usually starts from $8 to about $80 per supplement. Most of these supplements are packed in form of capsules and tablets. This means that they are available over the counter (otc).

The cost for testosterone boosters can increase significantly depending on a couple of factors. For instance, it may require that you undergo a couple of tests and consultations. You may also be advised to go through a complete testosterone therapy. This means that you will have to include any additional fees required for these additional operations.

Most medical insurance covers will not cater for testosterone boosters. This is unless the same have been prescribed by a doctor as treatment remedies for certain ailments. To better manage the cost, it is best that you make use of several testosterone boosting methods; like dietary inclusions, training exercises and supplements all together.

What is the best treatment for low testosterone?

treatment for low testosteroneOnce diagnosed with hypogonadism, it is likely that a medical officer will prescribe a medication known as Testosterone cypionate. It is used to treat low testosterone levels for male. Although it is highly effective, it is advised against any usage for male muscle gain or to help counter the effects of natural aging. It is solely prescribed for patients with abnormally low production of testosterone.

Administration of this hormone should be done in a hospital, by a qualified doctor and through an injection. The whole process takes about 30 minutes. This is not inclusive of the time you may be required to undergo tests to determine what the real cause of low testosterone is. In appearance, the artificial forms of this hormone are a creamy powder which is soluble in oils and alcohol but not in water. Below are the conditions you must meet to qualify for this supplement.

    • You must be diagnosed with hypogonadism, a medical condition that causes abnormally low testosterones.

You should not have allergic reactions the supplement.

  • Let your doctor know if you are under any over the counter or prescribed medications. The main reason why this is important is because medications can act as causes of low testosterone. This means that once the medications are no longer taken, testosterone production may return to normal.
  • Avoid taking the supplement when you are pregnant.
  • Don’t take un-prescribed forms of this supplement if you have a history of heart related complications, blood pressure and diabetes. This also applies to prostate cancer or kidney infections.
  • If taken exactly according to the above directions; that is in a clinic and done by a doctor, this supplement can produce some of the best results in regards to treating low testosterone levels.