Anavar – Before and After Results; What Is the Correct Dosages and Its Side Effects.

AnavarAnavar is not a new steroid. In fact, its earliest introduction into the market came as early as 1960s. Currently, production rights are owned by Pfizer. It is not unusual to find it going by its chemical name Oxandrolone.

The derivative of this steroid comes as a result of DHT manipulation. DHT is a hormone related to testosterone in functionality. The manipulation brings about the capabilities to not only help users gain muscles but also to help them tightened the muscles as well as increase the strength needed during physical training. Reviews suggest that better results will be achieved when the steroid is used to tighten already gained muscles. In fact, Anavar for women has been said to have the best results in terms of gaining lean muscles and athletic bodies in women.

Before and after results; what does it do?

Below is a list of the common and expected Anavar before and after results

  • Weight loss – The right Anavar dosage and cycle will in fact very effectively help users lose a significant amount of body fat. This enables them to acquire the much desired lean muscles.
  • Strength – For bodybuilders and athletes, having optimum body strength is of primary importance. This can be achieved through the correct use of Anavar.
  • Building of body muscles – Anavar favors muscle building at the expense of body fat. This is one of its top selling points.
  • Healing fractures and tears – Fractures and tears withstood in gym trainings heal faster when under an Anavar dosage prescription.
  • Treats muscle wasting – There are various conditions and diseases that promote muscle wasting. Some of these conditions can be successfully treated using Anavar.

How Anavar should be administered

If you are new to this steroid, it is advisable that you start with 20mg daily dosages. You can increase it with time and after a careful analysis of the results and side effects. Advanced users find dosages of 50mg to 100mg of better results. Here, it is best that you also buy testosterone to use in conjunction with Anavar.

Anavar for women should be taken in dosages of 5mg to 20mg. Some users prefer to take frequent but split dosages to avoid mild side effects. A normal cycle will last for 8 weeks maximum.

Side effects of Anavar

Main side effects associated with Anavar are androgenic. These ones include hair loss, acne, oily skins and virilization in women. Note that hair loss/baldness cannot occur to individuals who are not genetically predisposed.

Other side effects include liver toxicity, nausea, and low testosterone. These side effects will be greatly increased in cases that larger than recommended dosages are used.

Where can I buy the best dosages?

Anavar is a readily available steroid. It can be accessed both online and from direct sales clinics. It also can be bought from gym trainers or the black market. Each of the mentioned options has their pros and cons.

When it comes to online buying of Anavar pills, a couple of legal laws and restrictions might hinder you from a successful purchase. Also, you may land on the wrong pills if enough research is not conducted. For direct sales pharmacies, a sale will not go through in any case that you do not possess a prescription that has been provided by a doctor. The problem with getting a prescription is that the same is not allowed for performance issues.

When it comes to buoying directly from gym trainers and such dealers, chances are not high that you will find a trustworthy dealer who can be relied on for uninterrupted supply. Also, there will likely keep running out of supplies or even lack some important products. In regards to black market, many safety issues will need to be put into consideration. For instance, it is practically impossible to tell whether you are being sold the real product or not.