Andriol – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Precautions and Best Place to Buy It Online.

AndriolTestosterone Undecanoate is the chemical name for Andriol. It is available for sale and comes as gel tablets. Its earliest introduction into the market came in the 1980s under legal production rights owned by Organon.

Unlike most oral anabolic steroids, Andriol doesn’t contain a methyl in its structure. Instead, a long-chain ester is added to a testosterone molecule. This removes the common liver toxicity issue associated with oral anabolic steroids. When taken, the high oil solubility of Andriol allows it to be absorbed in the body by lymph glands. The product is relatively expensive, a feature that discourages a good number of potential users who opt for cheaper testosterone injections.

Typical Andriol traits and uses

Andriol is derived from an ester-based modification of a testosterone molecule. It doesn’t contain any form of a methyl group and so poses no liver damage side effect. It is highly soluble in oil and gets absorbed before making it to the liver.

It is very effective in returning testosterone levels to their peak. However, this effects dos not last for long and doses should continue being administered to completely supplement low testosterone.

How should it be administered?

Dosages of 100mg and 150mg are most commonly prescribed. The dosage should be reduced after about 2 weeks to be maintained at bout 40mg.

Experienced anabolic users make use of a maximum of 15 capsules a day. For starters, this is an extremely high dosage. 6 capsules will be enough for starters.

To increase the affinity with which absorption will occur, heavy meals are recommended to accompany Andriol ingestion. According to reviews, taking the dosages in an empty stomach doesn’t produce optimum and desired effects.

What are the expected side effects?

When you buy Andriol, there are various side effects that you should be prepared to deal with. Most of these side effects are related to testosterone side effects.

The most common side effect aromatization. This basically means the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. When this happens, a lot of body liquid is retained. This gives the skin an oily appearance as well as increases the rate at which blood is being pumped in the body. Fat gains are also encountered along with bloating and stomach related issues.

Like in the case of testosterone, androgenic side effects should be expected. These ones include hair loss, acne, and virilization due to much testosterone in women. Although it is not likely that all users will experience baldness or hair loss, predisposed users will experience accelerated forms of the same. Natural production of testosterone will too be affected.

Bad cholesterol is set to hike during an Andriol cycle. This can lead to heart related issues and malfunctions in blood circulation.

Where can I buy the best doses?

Andriol for sale is not hard to find. In fact, it is likely that your gym trainer already has the product, that is, if they do supply anabolic steroids. If not, you can easily make an order online or in the black market. The good thing with Andriol is that its chemical formula is not an easy one to counterfeit. For this reason, most of the dosages you will find in the market are the actual product.

All the same, you will need to take some safety precautions when you buy Andriol. For instance, it is better to buy from renowned online supplier. Also, you have to make sure that legality issues are put into consideration.

The Average price of a unit Andriol capsule is about $1.5. This depends on the where you ar accessing the capsules in. for example, Andriol from India is very cheap and can be accessed at as little as $1. In other nations this price may change to up to $2 or $3. The best thing is to browse through various online suppliers and compare the prices. All the same, safety and legality issues should come first.