High Testosterone Level – Benefits, Causes, Risks & Treatment in Women and Men.

High Testosterone LevelHormonal disorders are common conditions both in men and in women. Every year, thousands of men and women get diagnosed with high testosterone levels.

Before we can dig deeper into what complications are involved with high levels of testosterone, let’s quickly review what responsibilities the hormone carries in men and in women.

What does testosterone do in men and in women?

In Men

  • Controls semen production; this includes sperm cells as well as glandular secretions
  • It is responsible for mood manipulation. In its deficiency or excessiveness, individuals experience episodes of mild mood swings
  • It signifies the onset of puberty. This is by initiating the common changes that occur at adolescence. They include hair growth near private parts, armpits and the chest
  • It initiates growth of muscles and development of strong bones. It is the reason as to why males are more physical, aggressive and more competitive than women
  • Helps in the production of red blood cells

In Females

  • Helps in breasts enlargement; a bit similar like it does in men, it also slightly initiates the starting of puberty in females
  • Brings about skin smoothness in women
  • Manages fat distribution as well as the conversion of fats to usable energy

Symptoms of high testosterone in men and women

High levels of testosterone usually manifest itself in mild forms of the responsibilities discussed above. However, there are some specific signs of high testosterone as discussed below:

In Men

  • Heightened sexual desires
  • Long hours of physical activities/restlessness
  • Uncontrollable aggression and frequent mood swings
  • Heightened and sometimes abnormal muscles development
  • Enlarged breasts

In Women

  • Acne; they usually appear on the chin. they may develop overnight or within a very short period of time and in large numbers
  • Irregularities in the menstrual cycle
  • Over-developed muscles
  • Small breasts
  • Excessive hair growth which can sometimes be accompanied by balding
  • Mood swings especially when it comes to sex matters

Causes of high testosterone in women and men

Causes of high testosteroneHigh levels of testosterone in the body can be brought about by different factors. The main cause is abuse of testosterone replacement therapies and supplements. This is especially with individuals aiming to achieve physical enhancement through testosterone injections and supplements.
Other causes include; diabetes, disorders of the thyroid gland, genetic factors, PCOS in women and taking some foods that increase testosterone.

Can high levels of testosterone be cured?

A certain condition that manifests itself in form of low testosterone is the one that gets most of the attention. However, high levels of testosterone also need medical treatment the soonest possible.
It is better that you vest a doctor and get the required advice on which steps you should follow. Although you can increase testosterone naturally, lowering its levels can sometimes be very hard and medically challenging.

How do I know if I have high levels of testosterone?

Symptoms of high testosteroneThe exact amount of testosterone levels in the blood can only be measured after a blood test. This requires that a medical officer be In charge of the process. It does not require much. Only a small blood sample, where the doctor checks for the red blood cells levels available in that sample.

Testosterone levels are measured in ng/dl. For normal levels, they should not exceed 1000ng/dl. The levels can go to as low as 250, especially with men above 50 years.

With natural testosterone supplements, they provide about 900-1100ng/dl of testosterone for a period of about 7 days. This means that you will have to keep using such supplements every week to cater for any deficiency of testosterone in the body.

It is for the reason that testosterone supplements can ultimately lead to high levels of testosterone that caution is advocated for when making use of them. In fact, unless you are using foods and natural testosterone increment methods, you will not be allowed to go for pills and injections without first getting yourself a valid prescription.