Natural Testosterone Boosters – Home Remedies and Herbal Supplements.

Natural Testosterone BoostersIt is not always a necessity that you get injected with testosterone or take clinical supplements. Testosterone levels can still be boosted using natural testosterone boosters that in fact are good to one’s health.

Natural ways to boost testosterone production usually involve training exercises to keep you fit and foods that boost testosterone levels. A combination of these both works better but depends on a number of factors, most of which are discussed in the course of this article.

How to boost testosterone naturally with herbal remedies

A good number of herbal remedies have been marketed as effective supplements that can help increase the levels of testosterone in the body. They include:

  • Ashwagandha – The extracts from this plant are processed and packaged as capsules. The plant has a long history of medicinal uses especially in ancient India where it was used to cure erectile dysfunctions.
  • boost testosterone naturallyTribulus terrestris – The much available scientific data claims that this plant has the capability to raise the natural levels of testosterone. It can be taken in form of capsules or tablets. Specific directions are available.
  • Pine bark – Extracts from pine bark are not directly associated with heightening of testosterone. However, it helps in the reduction of cholesterol and returns blood circulation to normal.
  • Ginseng – There are a number of medicinal values associated with this plant. Other than acting as a remedy on how to naturally increase testosterone, ginseng can also be used as a remedy for weight loss.
  • Garlic – Garlic may not be as herbal as the other remedies discussed so far. However, it is one of the most effective natural ways of raising testosterone production. It has also been associated with cancer fighting abilities as well as promoting blood circulation.
  • Saw palmetto – This herbal product is known to not only help with libido boosting but also help in increasing semen volume.

How to naturally increase testosterone through lifestyle adjustments

Supplements are not all that is needed for testosterone enhancement. Various adjustments in one’s lifestyle can ensure that a rise is recorded in the levels of testosterone available in the body. They include:

  • Weight loss – Obesity is very much associated with low testosterone. On one hand, it can be a symptom of low testosterone and on the other hand it can be a causative agent. In fact, it is likely that a replacement therapy will first take you through a weight loss program in case you are an obese.
  • Enough rest and sleep – Keeping yourself active is important and so is getting enough sleep. When sleeping, vital hormones and enzymes are secreted and released in the blood. These are the hormones and enzymes responsible for important functions like sperm production. In fact, professionals advise that sleep should always take about 8 hours of your day.
  • increase testosterone through lifestyleReduce medications – If there are medications you currently are taking but can do without, it is best that you drop them. This includes steroids or even too much testosterone pills. You find that once your body is used to supplements, natural production of testosterone will become harder and harder with time.
  • Take care of stress – When aiming to increase testosterone naturally, you must be ready to live a happy stress free life. Of course it is not practical to forever live such a life. What I mean is that you should find ways to manage stress as soon as you can. A rise in stress levels excites the production of a certain enzyme known to inhibit the production of testosterone.
  • Keep yourself fit – You probably are familiar with the fact that testosterone is a key player in physical agility of an individual. For this reason, its natural production is greatly affected by much physical exercises you are engaging in. therefore, a rise in the extent to which you are staying fit will produce a proportional rise in the natural production of testosterone.

Best foods that can help increase the levels of testosterone

foods that increase testosterone levelFood is an important factor when it comes to boosting the levels of testosterone. A significant enhancement in testosterone production can be achieved by either including some foods in your diet or by leaving others out of your diet.

Generally, fruits are effective natural testosterone boosters. This is especially fruits that contain vitamin C and D. vitamin D for example is associated with the production of sperm. Also, fruits like pumpkins contain a lot of Zinc in their seeds. Again, zinc is an important ingredient in regards to how to naturally increase testosterone. In fact, zinc is available for sale in form of supplements. This is case you cannot access some of the foods rich in this mineral.

Fats are also important remedies for natural testosterone production. However, you will need to take precautions in order that you can avoid excess input of weight. There is a category of fats known as ‘healthy fats’. These are the fats like of which are to be found in remedies like avocado or olive oil. You can read more about healthy fats, for they are several of them, some of which are easily accessible.

Proteins too are important inclusions in testosterone enhancement diets. All hormones are largely protein in nature. This means that much of their building blocks will need to be taken through diets. Also, proteins are the building blocks of enzymes some of which work in collaboration with testosterone and other hormones.

What is testosterone replacement therapy?

A testosterone replacement therapy is a curative program that aims to raise either the production or the level of testosterone in the body. A successful such therapy must include the best testosterone supplements available.

For the above reason, it is important that you visit a professional who will guide you on the requirements of such a therapy. Here, a blood test will be necessary to determine the current levels of testosterone which in turn will dictate the best approach. For example, very low testosterone levels will call for injections and testosterone shots, which may take a period of about 10 weeks to complete. In another case, a doctor may just recommend home remedies and lifestyle adjustments in response to your testosterone need.

Do natural ways of boosting testosterone work

Natural ways to boost testosterone do work and effectively for that matter. Here, the body is enhanced to carry out the natural function of producing testosterone. However, they may not work under the following conditions:

  • natural ways of boosting testosteroneVery low testosterone levels; this will require an injection to first boost the testosterone levels.
  • Damaged testicles or pituitary tumor; in this case, sufficient natural production of testosterone will not occur no matter the enhancement techniques you put.
  • Genetic disorders; if the low testosterone level issue runs in the family, it is much likely that natural enhancement attempts will not work.
  • Addicted to steroids; it may take a while before your body gets to normal production of testosterone if you have been addicted or been using enhancement steroids and supplements for long.