Testosterone Cypionate – Uses, Cost, Cycle and Where to Access It for Sale.

Testosterone CypionateAdvancements in the medical industry have made it possible for hormones to be synthetically produced in the lab. These hormones are in turn injected into the body systems of patients suffering from deficiencies of those particular hormones. This is the case with testosterone. Its synthetic form is known as testosterone cypionate.

Testosterone is not only important in sexual development. The hormone is also vital in maintenance of mental health and mood management. In its deficiency, most of the changes that take place at puberty will fail to unveil. In such a case, the best option is to go for options that help boost testosterone.

What is the right testosterone cypionate dosage?

the right testosterone cypionate dosageWhen being used to treat hypogonadism (low testosterone), the correct testosterone cypionate dosage is one testosterone cypionate injection per week with 200mg/ml. Some doctors may extend the number of days between injections to up to 10 days.

Injections should not be directly done into the veins. Buttocks are more preferable. It is for this reason and other reasons that the injections should be carried out in a hospital and by a doctor.

In any case that you are personally carrying out the injections, ensure that all the precautions on how to inject the dose are at your fingertips. In most cases, this recommended dosage doesn’t work well for bodybuilders and athletes. For this reason, they are tempted to either increase the dosage or frequent the injections. This is terribly wrong and will definitely invite many undesirable side effects. The alternative is to use lower doses per injection but ensure that it doesn’t get past 200mg/ml per week.

The dosage plan should follow a simple testosterone cypionate cycle. In most cases, the cycle involves a ten week period of injections with the hormone. All the same, your doctor will advise on the best way forward. This will depend on how your body is reacting to the treatment.

Where can I get testosterone cypionate for sale?

This is a highly regulated dosage. For this reason, there are few places where to buy quality dose of testosterone cypionate. Its availability is abundant on the internet but most of the available doses are not from legitimate sources. If you are interested only in the top quality dose, ensure that you access it with a prescription. You can buy online from a trusted source, preferable one sourcing it from Upjohn and Watson.

Here are some characteristics of the dose:

  • Creamy/white
  • Crystalized powder
  • Odorless
  • Soluble in alcohol and oils
  • Insoluble in water

Access and usage of black market testosterone dosage should be done at one’s own risk. A better alternative is to take testosterone shots; that is if you are having doubts on the available sources of the hormone.

How much does the dosage cost?

Testosterone cypionate for sale will cost you about $11. This is the price for a single dosage, a 200mg/ml in most case. The price can be effectively managed using coupons.
You can buy online other much cheaper testosterone cypiante dosages. However, remember that the above quoted price is a mark of quality. You may end up signing for low price dosages that will not work at all or even worse bring about very undesirable side effects.

Foods to take with this dosage

Where can I get testosterone cypionateEven testosterone cypionate cannot work effectively on its own. You will need to take testosterone foods to get the best results. This is especially if you are taking the dosage for physical enhancement.

Take foods that are rich sources of fats. Here, the injected testosterone dosages will help in the conversion of the fats into usable energy needed during the physical performances. All the same, be on the lookout for excessive weight gain.

What are its side effects?

The following side effects have been reported in repeated cases:

  • Acnes
  • Mood swings
  • Prolonged head aches
  • Inflammations
  • Tender or paining gums
  • Loss of hair
  • Unpredictable changes in sexual desires