Testosterone Gel, Cream, Shots & Oral Pills – Best ways for Males and Females.

testosterone creamLack of sufficient amounts of testosterone is usually accompanied by many undesirable effects like lack of desire for sex and reduced physical agility. Testosterone is one of the vital hormones that control growth and development especially in men. It is produced by the testicles in men and ovaries in females. Men make much more of it that do women. It is for this reason that men are more masculine than women.

From time to time, low testosterone levels are recorded in the blood. To counter the above slightly talked about effects of low testosterone, replacement can be achieved through any of the following techniques; testosterone gel, testosterone cream, oral testosterone and testosterone shots. Before using any of these remedies, it is important to go through the expected testosterone side effects. As much as they can differ depending on the testosterone replacement method you are using, they pretty much revolve around the same effects.

What is a testosterone gel?

testosterone gelA testosterone gel is not very different from most of the gels you are used to. The difference is that it contains ingredients that boost testosterone production in the body.

The best place to apply this gel is on the skin, preferably shoulder blades or chest, where the skin is thin. The basic idea is to have the ingredients sip into the body through skin pores. Some pharmacies also offer a gel pump to ease the application process especially for women. All the same, you can still apply the gel without a gel pump.

The average gel price is about $300. This is the average cost of a 60g pack of the gel. The cost can be managed through the use of coupons and other price managing plans as offered by a particular store. You can also opt for a generic version, which comes at a much reduced gel price. Testosterone gels for sale are not available without a prescription.

Side effects of testosterone cream

A testosterone cream is much similar to creams in terms of application. They in fact require a much simpler application on the skin. Most of the available creams are to be applied more than once per day. Specific details are usually available on the package the creams come in.

There are several side effects that come along with these creams. The side effects include:

  • Drying of skin which can be accompanied by red patches on the skin; this side effect usually goes away once the cream has stopped being used. It also can be countered through the use of skin moisturizers and washing the part of skin you are applying the cream on.
  • Blisters and burns on the parts that the cream has been applied on.
  • Rashes especially in women; the rashes usually occur all over the body and mainly on the parts the cream has been applied on. Like with most side effects of these creams, rashes usually disappear once the cream is no longer being used.
  • Skin acne; sometimes they can occur on the face or on the part of the skin the cream has been applied on.
  • Sores.

These side effects are specific and only related to creams. All the same, other side effects of using testosterone supplements may manifest with time.
These creams are for external use only. This means that they should only be applied on a healthy skin, one free from open sores or wounds. Also, ensure that the parts of skin you are applying the creams on are clean, to aid in the absorption process.

What is the cost of oral testosterone and how to use it?

  • cost of oral testosteroneOral testosterone comes in forms of ingestible pills. The liver is usually responsible for vital detoxification processes in the body. With most of the oral testosterone pills available for sale, they are usually gotten rid off from the body by the liver even before absorption. The only notable pill that has successfully by-passed this complication is testosterone undecanoate. However, it hasn’t received an FDA approval as of yet.
  • Most people buy online testosterone pills. The cost for the pills averages at $250 for month’s supply. The cost for these pills is not covered by insurance plans.
  • Most of the oral pills should be taken about 3 times in a day. However, specific guidelines are available depending on the particular pills you are using.
  • Pills are much easier to take compared to other testosterone replacement methods available. The problem is that they have been associated with liver damage. In fact, this is the biggest problem associated with oral pills for testosterone replacement.

Benefits, dosage and risks associated with testosterone shots

testosterone shotsAlso commonly referred to as testosterone injections, testosterone shots are perhaps the most effective testosterone replacement methods available. The injections can be done personally or be carried out in a clinic. The latter option is much preferable. This is because the best place to apply the injections is on the buttocks rather than directly into the veins.

  • They are more effective. In fact, chances are high that they will be prescribed in the chance that you have very low level of testosterone.
  • They can be used as a curative remedy for erectile dysfunction. This is especially if the dysfunction is arising from low testosterone.
  • They help in the general improvement of moods and also in reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Helps increase sperm volume.
  • They do not require frequent application. In fact, an injection should be repeated at least after a week, for about 10 weeks.

In most cases, the right dosage is an injection with 1 ml of 200mg/ml dosage. This will cost you about $32 but depends on the clinic you are getting the injections in. since testosterone is not as vital in females as it is in men, dosages might differ.

Depending on the level of testosterone, concentration of the shots, frequency of use and results you are aiming for, your doctor will consequently determine which the best dosage for your case is. This is usually achieved after blood tests to check the levels of red blood cells in your body.
Here are some of the various risks associated with testosterone injections. It is not a guarantee that they will occur. However, chances that they will occur increase in case you have not been clinically diagnosed with low testosterone. The risks include:

  • Problems related to the liver.
  • Increased blood pressure; this may lead to heart attacks or even stroke especially for people with high levels of cholesterol.
  • Clotting of blood in undesired circumstances.
  • Accelerated enlarging of the prostate; this might increase the chances of developing prostate cancer.
  • Excess usage of testosterone cypionate, the remedy contained in testosterone injections can lead to low semen volumes.

Despite the fact that very many online sales of testosterone supplements occur daily over the internet, the hormone is classified under regulated substances. This means that a valid prescription should be acquired before accessing them. To bypass the prescription requirement, some users prefer to make use of generic versions. Generics usually work pretty much the same as their original versions. The problem is that they can sometimes be stuffed with some un-healthy ingredients.

Other than the above discussed testosterone replacement methods, natural techniques and options like testosterone foods are also effective enough. In most cases, professionals advise that you use a combination of foods, lifestyle changes and supplements to boost your testosterone levels. All the same, if you have been diagnosed with low testosterone, injections are the best option.