Testosterone Pills – Buy Prescription and Over the Counter Boosters Safely.

Testosterone PillsTestosterone is arguably the most purchased of all androgenic steroids. This is perhaps due to the fact that most users find its effects tolerable and generally effective. The problem is that artificial forms of the hormone are highly regulated.

All the same, users can still access both over the counter and prescription testosterone pills for sale. It is very important that you learn several things about testosterone pills before finally making the purchase. First, the legal form in which testosterone should be accessed and used is in injections. Such injections contain artificially developed testosterone cypionate which replaces natural testosterone. Taking pills doesn’t directly introduce testosterones into your body. Rather, pills are meant to boost the body’s natural mechanisms that secrete and assimilate testosterone.

Buy testosterone pills over the counter

A majority of testosterone purchases done today happen over the counter. Here are the options you can choose from:

  • Buying testosterone boosters pills in retailing stores – Here, you will have the option of walking into a chain retailer like Walmart and make your purchase. This can only be successfully achieved if you have the right information of the pills that will work best for you.
  • Buy testosterone online – The first option is to buy from an online store that allows you to directly make a purchase and have the pills delivered to you. Here, you will need to provide some personal details; like the address you want the pills dropped at and your card number.
  • The other option is taking pills that have been accessed from an anonymous email. Although this option is not very much advised for, it works for some cases.
  • Buy testosterone from a specific source – What this means is that you might get directions from a friend, a trainer or even a medical officer to a specific dealer who will be supplying the pills. Many users prefer this method, since chances are high that the individual directing you has had to use the serves before.
  • Taking pills accessed over the counter is not ultimately safe. For one, you will not have the right knowledge of the exact amount of testosterone that will work best for you. Also, you may not be completely sure of the exact ingredients that have been incorporated in the pills.

Where to get best testosterone pills for sale with a prescription

best testosterone pillsThe best and safest option in regards to buying and taking pills containing testosterone boosting supplements is with a prescription. Most direct purchase pharmacies only sell the hormone to patients with a prescription.

Prescriptions for testosterone boosters can only be accessed by patients with a valid reason. What this means is that you must be aiming to treat a health condition and not enhance physical
performance, especially for male.

Studies have it that many people out there suffer from low testosterone levels at some points of their lives. It is advisable that you approach a medical advisor once you notice any symptom of this condition.

How much does testosterone cost?

How much does testosterone cost?The total cost depends on a number of factors. For example, testosterone for women is less expensive since women do not need much of it in the long run. Also, taking pills will tend to cost you more than injections.

The best pills to boost and maintain normal testosterone levels will cost you not less than $100. This cost can double, depending on the frequency with which you access the pills. As I said before, taking pills is more expensive than injections. For a normal injections cycle, $40 will probably be enough.

Even higher prices are associated with creams and patches. The same goes for some adhesive stickers placed on the gum and release the testosterone supplements contained in them with time.
All the same, the actual cost will depend on the following factors:

  • How much dosage have you made use of in a specific period of time, for example, a month?
  • What is the frequency with which you have been taking your doses? For instance, do you take daily pills or weekly ones?
  • What method have you used to take the pills? This is in line with the fact that you can access tablets, pellets or soluble pills.
  • What medical assistance have you made use of during the administration of the pills? Or have you self-administered the dosages?

How to increase testosterone levels naturally

If you are having doubts about taking pills, you can opt for natural testosterone boosters. Just ensure that you get medical advice in any case that you are experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone. Below are some of the most popular and best natural testosterone boosters:


  • Fenugreek
  • Saw palmetto
  • Yohimbe
  • Ashwagandha

Foods and supplements

  • Garlic – you can take in form of supplements or in the foods that contain it. supplements work better and faster all the same
  • Oysters – They are rich in magnesium and zinc. These are two very important minerals in the production and assimilation of testosterone. Fish meal and marine products are also rich sources of iron, a substances needed in the production of red blood cells and metabolism.
  • DHEA – Chances are high that you will be advised to take DHEA supplements to counter the effects of low testosterone. DHEA is a natural hormone, but it can be supplemented for male.
  • Egg yolks and tuna – These foods contain a number of minerals and vitamins which are essential in both production and assimilation of testosterone.
  • Vitamin D – This vitamin plays a role in the production of sperms and in boosting the normal levels of testosterone especially for male.

Symptoms of low testosterone

  • These are the symptoms that will tell you if you are in need of testosterone booster pills or injection for that matter.
  • Low sex drive; it may be accompanied by decreased semen levels as well as inability to get erections.
  • Very weak bones and tender muscles for male; this can also include deformities like undergrown limbs.
  • Symptoms of low testosteroneBuild-up of fat around the stomach; this might be a secondary effect of obesity, which in turn might be arising from low testosterone levels.
  • Hair loss; this occurs in both men and women. For male, it may include the absence of pubic hair or hair on armpits. The same will happen in the case of beards.
  • Failure to break voice for male; It is not always that men who do not break voice will be experiencing low testosterone levels. It can be genetic or due to surgical operations. However, when it is accompanied with other symptoms of low testosterone, a replacement therapy is necessary.
  • Low testosterone is a treatable condition. All the same, attempts to treat the condition at home on your own might end up worsening the case. This also goes for using the pills for physical enhancement. Body builders and athletes do from time to time report positive effects, although side effects are always underway.