Trenbolone – Dosage, Side Effects, Results and the Best Place to Buy It Online.

TrenboloneArguably, Trenbolone currently ranks as the best muscle and body fitness steroid that is available for sale. For best results, it should be used to tighten/gain muscles, lose body fat, increase basal metabolism and to enhance gym prowess. Unlike testosterone boosters, it is not associated with semen volume increment.

The making of Trenbolone involves manipulating a single molecule located in the 19th position of a testosterone amino acid. This ensures that Trenbolone doesn’t produce any estrogenic related characteristics, for example enlargement of breasts in men.

What forms of Trenbolone are available?

Pills and injections are the most common forms of Trenbolone available for sale. Reviews and client testimonials suggest that injections work better and faster. In fact, pills are in some cases advised against, especially for those who have never used the steroid.

There are three mainly available forms; Trenbolone acetate, Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate and Trenbolone enanthate. Acetate decomposes fast when introduced into the body system. The decomposition duration has been estimated to be between 6 to 8 hours after injection.

Enanthate on the other hand takes long to decompose. It can take up to 7 days to be completely decomposed and absorbed into the body system. For this reason, it should not be taken before a week is over since a last dosage.

Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate takes the longest to decompose but also is the strongest of the three forms. Its Trenbolone cycle should be repeated after about 8-9 days.

What is the correct Trenbolone Dosage?

The correct Trenbolone dosage differs depending on user’s experience, expected results and the type of Trenbolone you are using. Below is a quick guide to the correct Trenbolone cycle for best results.

Trenbolone acetate

  • Available in dosages of 50mg to 200mg
  • Starters should use the 50mg/ml dosages
  • Experienced users can make use the 200mg/ml, depending on expected results
  • Trenbolone acetate can be taken daily
  • Injections work better

Trenbolone enanthate

  • For starters, the right dosage is 400mg/ml
  • Experienced users are free to use 1000mg/ml once a week
  • The dosage should be taken once a week for a maximum of 12 weeks

It is advised that you keep clear records of before and after using Trenbolone. The results will help you make an informed decision as whether to reduce, increase or change the dosage type. All the same, Trenbolone acetate is the right dosage type to start with.

Results and benefits of Trenbolone

  • Muscle building/tightening – As earlier said, this steroid ranks among the best fast muscle growing steroid.
  • Helps in synthesizing proteins – Proteins are body building blocks. Trenbolone helps in their synthesis hence more muscle growth and regeneration.
  • Increases metabolism – It is for this reason that gym prowess and output are greatly enhanced.
  • Helps repair cells – Tears and fractures are common in fitness centers. Trenbolone users have more capability of healing.
  • Retention of nitrogen and water – These two are important in keeping the body in an optimum environment where cellular functions can go on smoothly.

Where to buy online safely and legally

benefits of TrenboloneYou can buy online any of the above introduced forms of Trenbolone. If you have not used the steroid earlier, just go for injectable forms, and start with acetate for that matter. With time and careful analysis of the before and after results, you can go for higher dosages or switch to pills.

All the same, caution should be taken when buying the dosages. Don’t go for dosages selling for less than $59 or more than $75for 10ml acetate dosage. This cost can vary, although the price difference should not be way off the above quoted amount. For enanthate, the price should fall between $89 and $131.

Side effects associated with Trenbolone

Several side effects are to be expected when using Trenbolone just like with any other muscles enhancer. They include:

  • Loss of hair/baldness
  • Problems related to erectile dysfunctions
  • Aggression, anxiety and mood swings
  • Sweating and breathing problems when sleeping
  • Coughs(tren cough)
  • Damages to the kidney and liver
  • Acne
  • Enraged heart beats; in most times accompanied by increased blood pressure