What Is Testosterone – Important For Your Health and How to Boost Its Levels.

What Is TestosteroneImportant functions in the body are usually under the control of substances known as hormones. This is especially when it comes to issues dealing with body health and development. For example, it is expected that boys will start developing beards, lean muscles, deep voice and enlarged testicles during puberty; just as girls will start developing bigger breasts and wider hips.

Testosterone is in the class of these substances known as hormones. It is largely responsible for the changes that take place in boys at the onset of maturity. Although testosterone is also present in women, malfunctions in its production and assimilation are more notable in men. This is bearing in mind that it is responsible for sperm production, muscle build-up and sex drive. It happens that the level at which this hormone is produced in the body significantly drops after the third decade of one’s life. When this occurs, undesirable characteristics like loss of hair and erectile dysfunctions in men set in.

What is testosterone exactly?

What is testosterone exactly?So, what is testosterone? It is the hormone responsible for sex drive, build-up of muscles and development of strong as well as dense or dense bones. Its levels in the body can be used as a direct indicator for a man’s fertility. In fact, a clinical testosterone test is the main test used in fertility examinations. Its counterpart in women is estrogen.

Testosterone is produced in the male reproduction system; and in this case, the testicles. Ovaries in women take this role, but it lower levels than it is in men. With a combination of several factors, testosterone can largely dictate one’s mood.

In the recent years, testosterone doses have proved a better choice in comparison with steroids for body building. The problem with steroids is that they usually are accompanied by a list of side effects, a cost many people find too expensive to pay.

What does testosterone do?

The ‘what does testosterone do’ question is a popular one. It cannot however be answered with a single answer. Below is a list of the main functions associated with testosterone:

  • Sperm production
  • Development of dense and strong bones
  • Production of red blood cells
  • Build up as well as strengthening of muscles
  • Libido enhancement
  • Most of the changes that occur at the onset of maturity; beards, deep voice, pubic hair etc.

Testosterone is a very crucial hormone. Low levels of the same will render a man infertile. Too much of the hormone will make it impossible for a man to develop lean muscles and end up getting enlarged breasts. It is also because of the hormone that men are more aggressive and competitive in nature.

Where is testosterone produced in the body?

Where is testosterone producedWhere is testosterone produced in the body? In men, the testicles are responsible for testosterone production. However, the pituitary gland is in charge of how much of the hormone will be released into the blood. Since the hormone is also present in women (in reduced amounts) the production role is taken by the ovaries. This may change a bit after menopause, where the production role is passed to the kidneys. But as it is earlier said, testosterone production is inversely proportional to age advancement. In fact, it is likely that past age of 30, you will produce 20% less testosterone than you did 15 years ago.

There are various low testosterone symptoms that are important to be on the lookout for. As you will notice, most of them can be associated with old age. However, they still can occur in early stages of life. They include:

  • Reduced hair growth, especially pubic hair
  • Weak bones and soft under-developed muscles
  • Build-up of fat in the abdominal area
  • Aggression, usually accompanied by mood changes
  • Low libido, infertility and reduction in sperm production
  • Brain malfunctions, especially problems in cognitive abilities
  • Fatigue and reduced metabolic rates

Any one of the above symptoms can but not necessarily be a symptom of low testosterone levels. All the same, several of the listed symptoms occurring con-currently will definitely translate into low testosterone. In such a case, it is important to learn on how to boost testosterone.

How to boost testosterone levels effectively

Various options are available when it comes to how to boost testosterone levels. The options usually aim to;

  • Boost testosterone production in the body
  • Introduce artificial testosterone into the body
  • Inhibit the conversion of testosterone

All the same, it is best to first take a testosterone test and later go for replacement therapy.

So, what is testosterone replacement therapy?

testosterone replacement therapyIt is a medical treatment procedure that aims to either increase or reduce the levels of testosterone in a patient.

First, a test is required to check the current situation in regards to testosterone. This test may be done by analyzing prostate health or by studying the current levels of red blood cells in the blood. Remember what we said about testosterone being involved in the production of these blood cells?

After the test, the doctor will be the one to direct you on the best option on how to boost testosterone. If your testosterone levels are exceedingly low, it is likely that a testosterone supplement will be prescribed. The supplement can be in the form of an injection, pills or even gels and patches. In the case of injections, synthetic testosterone is introduced into the blood stream. For pills, gels and patches, the body is stuffed with supplements that will boost natural production of testosterone.

Note that a replacement therapy will only work accordingly if directed by a doctor. This is because the doctor will keep records of the changes occurring in your body during the therapy.

Do testosterone boosters work?

Do testosterone boosters work?Unless abused, testosterone boosters do work. Abusing the boosters mean taking them without the directions of a doctor. For example, body builders usually make use of these boosters to increase their efficiency in the gym.

Well, the major problem with these is that many undesirable side effects will follow afterwards. Testosterone boosters may or may not work depending on the conditions in which you have taken them. For example, low production of the hormone may be resulting from low levels of zinc or magnesium in the body. This means that even if you were to go for an injection for testosterone, there still will be more demand for the hormone afterwards when the injected testosterone is over.

There is a lot that goes into testosterone boosters. In fact, you will be interested to learn that these boosters can be used as a remedy against heart related diseases. Again, the important thing is to go for a testosterone test and a replacement therapy if necessary.

What is the best testosterone booster?

It is not easy to identify a single best testosterone booster. However, the following boosters have appeared in various review sites:

  • DHEA supplements – A combination of supplements, DHEA is a common ingredient of steroids. The supplements are aimed at boosting the natural production of DHEA in the body.
  • D-Aspartic acid – It is one of the most popular boosters out there. The good thing with this booster is that it can be taken both for low or high testosterone production desires. In the body, it is thought to bring about a balance in the production and assimilation of testosterone.
  • Tribulus terrestris – It is believed that the roots to this plant have the ability to return sexual desires to its users. However, no significant changes have been reported in testosterone production even under with the use of this plant.
  • best testosterone boosterFenugreek – A popular remedy for treating diabetic issues, Fenugreek is also said to help in libido enhancement.
  • Horny goat weed – A popular plant even in the ancient day Chinese civilization; the plant is well known for its abilities in treating erectile dysfunction. The argument is that if it treats ED, the plant must have testosterone production boosting abilities. Much Scientific backing is not available.
  • L-DOPA – Works by increasing the levels of dopamine. This is a neurotransmitter, which enhances communication between the pituitary gland and the testicles and in turn aids in the production of testosterone.
  • Ecdysteroids – They are known to increase muscle production but with many side effects.

The best approach is to go through the available boosters one by one and learn about the ingredients contained in them. In fact, it is advisable to try several of them to see which one works best. All the same, you should be ready for some side effects.

How to increase testosterone levels quickly

Taking testosterone supplements is not enough. The best approach is to naturally enhance your body to make the hormone. Here is a list of techniques you can make use of even at home:

  • Weight management – A lot of weight comes along with all kinds of sex related issues. The most notable one is loss of sexual drive, a consequence of faulty testosterone production.
  • Reduce sugar intake – Low levels of testosterone in the body is directly associated with diabetes. Other than that, excess sugars always translate into excess body weight input.
  • Take vitamin D, magnesium and zinc – These three have been reported to be in low levels in patients with low testosterone. For example, Zinc is directly involved in the production of the hormone. In fact, some doctors prescribe direct injections with zinc supplements. The same goes for vitamin D. Other than helping in sperm production, the vitamin boosts and regulates testosterone production in the body.
  • Training exercises – Training exercises need that you have strengthened muscles and strong bones. To achieve this, testosterone must be produced and assimilated accordingly in the body.
  • Check your moods – Testosterone production and assimilation gets blocked by a certain enzyme released when on is under stress. This can be counteracted by engaging in enjoyable sports, going to theaters or even going for counseling therapies.

How well a replacement therapy or a testosterone booster will wok depends on a number of factors. It is preferable all the same that the final decision you make be under the advisory of a medical practitioner.